25 ways to pay back your kids when they’re older


“Can’t wait to pay back my kids someday by going to their house, trashing the kitchen, throwing a tantrum on the floor and never flushing.”
We posted this as a status on the Little White Lion Facebook page and the comments were awesome, so I compiled them into a list. Here are some of the best ways to pay back your kids when they are older (assuming they ever leave OUR houses…. shudder)..
Feel free to leave your comment below and add to our  list!

  1. Use half a roll of toilet paper each time you go.
  2. Bring them your laundry, complete with skid marks.
  3. Leave every light on in the whole house.
  4. Go into their bathroom, rub toothpaste ALL OVER THE COUNTER (and in the sink) and don’t wash it off.
  5. Lay around all day on the couch in your underwear and for her to come home with her new boyfriend.
  6. Eat all their food so it forces a trip to the grocery store, then go with them and beg for every single solitary item in every godforesaken aisle.. AND everything from the gumball machines..
  7. Take one tiny bite of dinner and then complain you don’t like it, even though you gobbled an entire plate of the same thing two weeks ago.
  8. Pee on the floor. Boogers on the wall!
  9. Anything they do for me I’ll treat like I can’t care less then when they look at me all perplexed I’ll say “I didn’t ask you to do it”.
  10. Stuff the washing machine so full that when it hits the spin cycle it melts the belt and catches fire.
  11. Crayons. White walls.
  12. Walk around without pants.
  13. Update their facebook status with something about how much they love their parents.
  14. Walk in with your laundry and drop it all over the place.
  15. Stack as many dishes as possible in the sink and act like you can’t see them there.
  16. Call their name over and over and over and over………and then say, “oh nothing, doesn’t matter now!”
  17. Claim sickness that can only be cured by a 14 hour Nick Jr marathon.
  18. Drink all the milk and put empty carton back in fridge.
  19. Make them wipe you when you’re done in the bathroom.
  20. Talk loudly when they are on the phone.
  21. Take money from their wallets without asking.
  22. Hide sandwiches under mattresses and in dresser drawers.
  23. Break stuff and say, “wasn’t me!”
  24. Leave the ice cube tray on the counter with two cubes left.
  25. If there is beer in the fridge, call friends and tell them you’re having A PARTAAAAAAYYY!

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