You know it’s heating up outside when…

You can’t leave anything in your car:


That is, unless you want to bake some cookies:

The koalas are asking you for water:

The fans have given up:

The outdoor cats are hanging out here:

And the indoor cats are hanging out here:

Your dog is in the refrigerator:

And the neighbor’s dog is in your fountain:

You have to get past this guy to get some ice:

The traffic cones are doing this:

The glass bottles are doing this:

And the mailboxes are doing this:

Your Gummy Bears have become a Gummy Brick:

 You actually believe this might not be a typo:

Even the Skittles are sweating:

You don’t have to light your candles to make them melt:

The outdoor lights are deflating:

The birds are taking all the good spots at the beach:

And blocking the cars on the road:

 And finally, you’re so uncomfortable, this actually seems like a good idea:

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