28 Dogs That Know Exactly How You Feel This Morning

1. This dog who knows it’s morning, but ugh, just…just no.

Source: yossarian-lives.tumblr.com

2. This dog who just rolled out of bed and feels like an actual pile of vomit.

Source: bunnyfood.tumblr.com

3. This dog who’s like, “No. No, not today. Maybe tomorrow.”

Source: niknak79.tumblr.com

4. This dog who would frankly rather sleep in this position than get up and do anything.

Source: jonnyborg.tumblr.com

5. This dog who thinks…hmm, responsibilities??? School?? Job??? No. Nope. Couch. Sleep.

Image by VisualNoiz.TV

6. This dog who would rather stay in these pajamas until he’s dead than get up and do anything.

7. This dog who has no idea what the hell is going on. Because it’s, like, 9 a.m. Nobody is alive this early.

Source: rhyse.ca

8. This dog who’s just… She’s just a mess right now. Her makeup’s not on. Her eyes are barely open. I mean, the sun is barely up, what do you expect?

Source: reddit.com

9. This dog who doesn’t even care anymore. Whatever. It’s morning.

Source: animatur.tumblr.com

10. This dog who’s gonna need a coffee before you open your mouth and ask her to do anything.

Source: stream.pleated-jeans.com

11. This dog who thinks today should just not. Tomorrow. We can let tomorrow happen. But today, no thanks.

Source: theinternetsanimals.com

12. This dog who will not hear ANY OF IT before she gets out of bed.

Source: 4gifs.tumblr.com

13. This dog who would rather stay in the comforting sausage of her blankets than get up and face the world.

Source: dickfingers.tumblr.com

14. This dog who is already 100% done with today.

Source: timsutton.tumblr.com

15. This dog who hasn’t had a single drop of coffee so if you could just NOT.

Source: yugoslavic.tumblr.com

16. This dog who is so comfortable in the warm, toasty, blankety burrito of bed that she would probably sell one of her children not to get up and do anything today.

Source: wannasmile.com

17. This dog who has already given up on today because he knows he’s just gonna procrastinate later anyway so whatever.

Source: imgur.com

18. This dog who actually, physically couldn’t care any less.

Source: bunnyfood.tumblr.com

19. This dog who wants nothing to do with morning or sunlight or people or the world right now.

Source: yaypuppiesyay.com

20. This dog who was almost ready to greet the morning with a smiling face but decided more sleep would be better.

Source: illestflow.tumblr.com

21. This dog who’s not only 100% done with today, she’s already 75% done with tomorrow.

Source: corgiaddict.com

22. This dog who wants to get up and be motivated and do stuff and be responsible but he’s tired just thinking about it, so nah.

Source: thequeenofpugs.tumblr.com

23. This dog who cared about the morning for like a second but actually stopped caring mid-thought.

Source: bunnyfood.tumblr.com

24. And this dog who made it to her car and just had to stop before the rest of the day started to happen all at once.

Source: scareola.tumblr.com

25. This dog who just wants five more minutes. FIVE. MORE. MINUTES.

Source: bunnyfood.tumblr.com

26. This dog who wants a good reason for why you woke him up or so help him.

Source: fuckyeahbulldog.tumblr.com

27. This dog who can’t even feel anything yet because it’s, like, not even a real time of the day.

Source: goodassdog.tumblr.com

28. And this dog who will definitely be ready to face the day…later.


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