25 Life Hacks for Small Apartments

Coat Hooks

This is mostly for those people sharing tiny apartments who also have roommates, but hanging up a rack of coat hooks as opposed to a towel rod can help you stay organized and clean.

Converted Dresser

If you want a little extra space, convert a dresser into a bathroom vanity, which will allow you to use the dresser drawers to store your toiletries.

Hide Your Litter box In Furniture

By hiding your pet’s litter box in a piece of furniture, you can conserve space and hide some of the stench, as well.

Whiteboard Table

Put your whiteboard on your table so you can save wall space. You can use it normally while keeping track of your daily to-do list.

Behind the TV

This will definitely take some handy work, but you can create a flap under your television with some springs and hinges, which will allow you to store your DVD player, video game system, and any other electronics behind your television.

Under the Bed

Lie your mattress on top of a storage unit. That way you can fully utilize the space under your bed. This example is particularly unique and is great for small apartments and dorm rooms.

 Hang Up Your Bike

If you have a bike, instead of leaving it to take up space in the hallway, hang it on the wall with two cables that can easily hook on the ceiling.

 Get Rid of the Box

Lose some of the bulk from your pantry and get rid of food boxes. Instead, store goods in air-tight containers which can be vertically stacked.

 Stackable Chairs

Invest in a set of chairs and small tables that you can use to entertain guests, but are also able to be stacked and put in a corner when they are not needed.

Under the Stairs

If you live in a loft or a two-floor apartment, use the area under the stairs for something productive like a desk or sitting area.

Ironing Board

Cut a quilt thinly and place magnets on the back of it. When you need to iron something, just slap the quilt on top of the dryer, and it will save you the hassle of having to store an ironing board.

Shoe Hanger

Manipulate a wire hanger and use it to hang up your shoes.

Bungee Cord

Instead of letting them take up space in your closet, hang lighter items like sunglasses and scarves on a bungee cord.

Bathroom Supplies

Hang your bathroom supplies on a magnetic rack, which will leave more space in your cabinets.

Toothbrush Storage

Cut some small indents in the shelves of your medicine cabinets and hang your toothbrushes vertically to leave more storage space on your shelves.

Magazine Rack

Use a vertical magazine rack to store your files instead of letting them take up space in your cabinet.

Container Magnets

Make magnets out of old containers, hang them on your fridge, and use them to store household necessities.

Vertical Silverware

Store your silverware vertically as opposed to horizontally.

Replaced Drawers

If you don’t mind the ugliness, take the drawers out of your cabinet and replace them with plastic tubs for more storage space.

Re-purposed Altoids

Use old Altoids cases to conserve space in your desk, while keeping it neat at the same time.

Sliding Pantry

Build a sliding pantry that can rest in the space between your refrigerator. This way you can pull it out when you need something and maximize your kitchen space.

Peg Board

To maximize the space in your kitchen cabinets, store large pots and pans on a peg board that can hang on your wall.

Wine Box

Instead of throwing them in your closet, put your shoes in a wine box and keep it under your bed for easy access.

Mason Jars

Although this requires a little wall space, by hanging up mason jars you can store small household necessities instead of allowing them to occupy your limited drawer space.

Fold-Down Table

Create a foldable kitchen table that can be pulled out from the wall to use for small meals or as an extra cooking table.

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